On average there are 92 days per year with more than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) of rainfall (precipitation) or 7.7 days with a quantity of rain, sleet, snow etc. On the flip side this corresponds to an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. There are usually 17 days with some rain in Dar es Salaam in April and the average monthly rainfall is 229mm. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The lowest water temperatures are seen around the year around August 30 at 25.40°C | 77.72°F. Are you going to South Africa, then you cannot skip the Kruger Park. Dar es Salaam sunrise & sunset times for December 2020 Browse the sunrise & sunset times for Dar es Salaam in December 2020. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Average rainfall in August: 25mm The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is April (290mm). One for on your bucket list for sure! The park is mountainous and green. From mid-July to September and December to mid-March are the best months to visit both Tsavo National Parks. Check the weather over the last 5 years for the dates of your stay Weather history day by day When are the longest days in Dar es Salaam? Select a month to view Dar es Salaam sunrise & sunset times for the next twelve months. The Serengeti area consists of vast and endless grass plains and the park has the largest wildlife population in Africa. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. The average highest water temperatures are around 29.60°C | 85.28°F and are measured around March 28. 3.8mm | 0.2 inches. Realtime weather, 14 day weather forecast, historical weather at Dar Es Salaam Historical Weather °C . We feel the Selous Game Reserve is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Tanzania and we recommend adding it to your bucket list. Dar es Salaam Ilala District, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), elevation 24 m. Forecast Forecast; Nearby Nearby; Map Map; It looks like you're using an old browser. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. 32°C | 89°F. This is the mean monthly precipitation over the year, including rain, snow, hail etc. Located two-thirds of the way up the country's coastline, Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's largest city. This rainfall is typically spread over 12 days, although this may vary considerably. On holiday but what will the weather be like in Dar Es Salaam? Average monthly temperatures (day and night) in Dar es Salaam. 27°C | 81°F. Annual rainfall and snowfall in Dar es Salaam 2015 - 2020. per month. Afternoon: fair. of rain making it a damp time to visit. Curious what the average weather is like in Dar es Salaam in a specific month? Staying in Dar es Salaam? The water temperature in Dar es Salaam (Indian Ocean) is on an annual average at about 27.50°C | 81.50°F. Tswalu Kalahari is the largest private wildlife reserve in South Africa and now protects more than 110,000 hectares of spectacular grasslands and mountains. The Dar es Salaam lies on 16m above sea level The climate here is tropical. This park is a must see. Given this scenario, the situation in Dar es Salaam raises major concerns as the city is the largest in Tanzania and the main engine of the national economy. Show average precipitation in Dar es Salaam in Inches ». The average sliding 31-day rainfall during December in Dar es Salaam is essentially constant, remaining about 3.1 inches throughout, and rarely exceeding 6.5 inches or falling below 0.3 inches. Mbweni Temperature November max. This nation-wide website presents information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world.Learn more. Get notified about our newest bucket list destinations and more! The Kruger Park is one of the most beautiful and largest safari parks in the world. Vikindu Températures are really hot. Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania is one of the fast growing cities. Subscribe to our newsletter. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Hourly past weather, almanac for Dar Es Salaam including historical temperature, wind, rain, pressure and humidity stats | WorldWeatherOnline.com. On average November is the 5th wettest month of the year in Dar es Salaam with around 106mm of rain making it a damp time to visit. The pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world in ancient times and they are the only one that still exist and can be visited today. Kizimkazi Dimbani Charts: temperature and rainfall in Dar Es Salaam In the charts below, you can see the following seasonal norms for the city of Dar Es Salaam: the minimum and maximum outdoor temperature, the risk and amount of monthly rainfall, daily average sunshine, sea temperature, and relative humidity for each month of the year. In recent decades, the city has expanded tremendously due to both natural growth and immigration, and … On average March is the 3rd wettest month of the year in Dar es Salaam with around 120mm. Zanzibar City Precipitation / Rainfall November. of rain, The largest private wildlife reserve in South Africa, You will never forget this unique sustainable hotel in Mauritius, The Pyramids of Giza are impressive and absolutely worth a visit, Show average precipitation in Dar es Salaam in Inches. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Aw. The average annual temperature in Dar es Salaam is 25.9 °C | 78.6 °F. Dar es Salaam experiences extreme seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. Temperature … Mtegani On 21st December 2011 extreme rainfall event occurred in Dar es Salaam (Fig ure 2 ), Tanzania and cau sed flooding of coastal areas. Dar Es Salaam Average Weather & Yearly Climate Average weather in Dar Es Salaam provides average temperatures about 30 through the entire year. To access all of the content on Yr, we recommend that you update your browser. July is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 23.8 °C | 74.8 °F. Show in Celsius. A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: March, April, May, November and December. January and December , with an average of 12.5h of daylight , are months with the longest days in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Climate ‘Godzilla’ dust storm may have a connection to low Arctic sea ice. The highest average 31-day accumulation is 3.3 inches on December 16 . The vision of the reserve is to "let the Kalahari restore itself.". Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 4.1 °C | 39.4 °F. Bagamoyo This hotel is leading the way in terms of sustainability. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: On average, the temperatures are always high. Here you will find the 14 day weather forecast for Dar Es Salaam. February is the warmest month of the year. Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Dar es Salaam. Climate Dar Es Salaam. Typically January is when it is the hottest time and July is coldest with average monthly temperatures varying by 4.You should expect average daily temperatures to typically be around 30 from Spring, 28 in Summer, 30 throughout Autumn and about … The driest month (with the lowest rainfall) is August (25mm). 4.7 inches. Morning: light rain showers. Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Dar es Salaam. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. Whereas in August the lowest average water temperatures are expected with about 25.40°C | 77.72°F. Kizimkazi Mkunguni Dar es Salaam's climate is characterized by bi-modal precipitation, and its average rainfall is between 1,000 and 1,300 millimeters per year during these two rainy seasons (Kiunsi 2013). The closest Ocean of Dar es Salaam is Indian Ocean, The closest Airports of Dar es Salaam are: Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) 10.87km,Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ) 66.57km, You can reach Dar es Salaam from this Cities by Plane: Dar es Salaam (DAR), Addis Abeba (ADD), Nairobi (NBO), Dubai (DXB), Mombasa (MBA), Kigali (KGL), Muscat (MCT), Mwanza (MWZ), Arusha (ARK), Cairo (CAI), Harare (HRE), Moroni (HAH), Kampala (EBB), Doha (DOH), Zanzibar (ZNZ), Dzaoudzi (DZA), Istanbul (IST), Lilongwe (LLW), Kibaha Salt truly offers a new approach and shows how the future of travel could look like. Dar es Salaam sunrise & sunset times for April 2021 Browse the sunrise & sunset times for Dar es Salaam in April 2021. Know the probability of precipitation hour by hour and the rain forecast in Dar es Salaam for the next few days Tides4fishing cookies are used to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings. High humidity and high temperatures are making the weather pleasant at times, but also and partly tropical hot and humid. The months of January, March, May, November and December have a high chance of precipitation. Other areas of the country have also seen heavy rain over the last week, including Zanzibar and Mtwara. Temperature November. The best time of year to visit Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Bububu Kiwengwa, © Climate-Data.org / AM OP / OpenStreetMap contributors, Dar es Salaam Weather by month // weather averages, Dar es Salaam Climate graph // Weather by Month. Th e flooding event caused The temperature in February averages 27.9 °C | 82.2 °F. Severe. Floods adaptation strategies take a central role here and they are assessed through empirical analysis of adaptation practices at household levels in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is warm to hot all year round and invites to bathe at average water temperatures of 27 degrees. A short rainy season occurs from October to November and a longer one from March to May. Current weather in Dar es Salaam and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days Get the monthly weather forecast for Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The average rainfall is around 108 inches, for 17 days without rain. Dar Es Salaam inherits on balance 1148 mm (45.2 in) of rainfall per year, or 95.7 mm (3.8 in) per month. Dar es Salaam is located at 6°48' South, 39°17' East (−6.8000, 39.2833), on a natural harbour on the coast of East Africa, with sandy beaches in some areas. © 2010-2020 World Weather & Climate InformationAll rights reserved. Dar es Salaam is one of the warmest region in Tanzania with an average daily high temperature of 32 degrees centigrade. Remembering the Thailand floods that lasted more than a month. In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, during the entire year, the rain falls for 113 days and collects up to 1066mm (42") of precipitation. Average yearly precipitation (rain and snow) and days of wet weather per month in Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam: Average monthly temperatures and weather, sunny and cloudy days. Kajengwa Most of the precipitation here falls in April, averaging 251 mm | 9.9 inch.