I was wondering how much they would be worth here’s what he signed. Premiership is formally known as the Barclays Premier League. Thanks again. Appreicate all your help, thank’s very much. i have the clown ,violator,overtkill and tremmor and all of them have the comics and are frome 1994 how much are all of those together. Good luck! I recently came into some old comics. 8 No. If you could give me an estimate of how much it’s worth! I found your site because I wanted to sell my 17 year old Web of Spider-Man #102 in NEAR-mint condition. What Is The Value Of Your Comics ? nice written and come with approximately all important infos. It is worth the cover price at best. I’ve been told they are valuable. Good luck! UPDATE: Comic Book Secrets now has a quick Free Comic Book Values Page for your use. I have a copy of Planetary #1 signed and sealed with an authentication card saying that its 95 of 1000. You can visit the free resource here: Free Comic Book Values. I have been reading & collecting comics for over 40 years & have never came across anything like this. Finally, you can use the Google search tool to search for current retail values of your comic books. Amazing Spider-Man #667 Gabriele Dell'Otto variant. You can usually find similar issues in bulk at any comic book convention. Here are a couple of little tricks for using E-bay. One shots are another good bet. Ryan – Iron Man is a desirable title, especially with the movie hype. Looking for values on 4 comics. Since these resources are free, you know the old saying: ” you get what you pay for.” Don’t use just one of these sources as the means to come up with the value. I also have a comic book the title is superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane( A Lois Lane Special ” Serpent In Paradise”). It has never been opened and it still has the trading card along with certificate of authenticity. This site has a semi-active forum, the ability to actually track your collection and several other features. Oh and I took a picture of him and have video to show proof. Remember, the condition is an integral part to find any potential value. It has several pages that are repeated & several more different pages that are repeated. If there are any flaws it’s value would drop tremendously. I do have all those issue numbers DC (Detective Comics) Tintin (french) Avengers . Also mine is published by Arrow Books Ltd, and it say’s “This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publishers prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition includin this condition bein imposed on the subseqent purchaser”. I have an original copy of Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. superman starring in action comics 578 .75 When you do an initial search for your comic books on the site, look for the “completed listings” box on the left of the page and then click on Show Items. I have a what if astonishing x men #1, pages never opened (mint condition) stan lee signed, amazing spiderman 583 inauguration edition stan lee signed. The supply of particular old comic books is important to figuring value as well. Sam – those books will say published in the U.S. but the price in pence means they were sent overseas for sale, or printed here on a different print run. A broad estimate would be great. You have what is called an Underground Comix and they were published for adults. Iron man #127-130,134,136-138,140,146,151-152,157,159-162,165,216-231,234-239,248. Older Silver Age UK variants can sell for a significant amount, though usually less than their US counterparts. Thanks. With the release of comic book characters into pop culture through movies and television, however, there was a marked rise in the value of those classic comic books. Marvel Comics, American media and entertainment company that was widely regarded as one of the ‘big two’ publishers in the comic industry. hi, Sam again, yes determined to check out every possiabilty. Marvel comics that were written by popular and acclaimed comic book creator and artists are also considered with a higher value. Unfortunately most 1980’s comics are found at large discounts at most comic book stores and conventions. Cable 1st issue, X-Factor #71 , and The Uncanny X-Men #300 ( 30 Year Anniversary) Do you have any advice on a price for these. You can visit the free resource here: Free Comic Book Values. Will the signatures bring more? Any help about it or the Value would be much appreciated. Become a member and you will have the e-mail to contact me. Arlena – The first comic you mentioned is probably a Tales to Astonish #99, and would sell for a few dollars in good condition. I would suggest taking a look at my Comic Book Grading Basics to get a better idea of the grade (condition). I’m sorry I can’t give you more solid information but it’s the nature of the marketplace. The second little trick I use is to click on some of the actual auctions, especially if the price looks high, and then check the feedback. Titles are Donald Duck Album(no.1239), Rocky and his friends(no.1128),New Funnies , Nancy and Sluggo,Walt Disneys Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disneys Vacation in Disneyland(no.1025). If it is truly mint it may be worth a little bit, but if there is any flaw (and I mean even the most insignificant) they are really not worth more than a dollar or two. The first is a #4 four issue limited edition series: x-men vs. the avengers published in 1987. I have two Incredible Hulk comics, (Vol 1, issue number 99 Jan. 1968 “The Incredible Hulk and the Sub-Mariner”) and (Vol 1, issue number 106 August 1968, “The Incredible Hulk”) which are in good condition. Good luck! More often than not however, the soft blur isn’t what precisely you had in mind and can usually spoil a normally good photo, especially if you intend on enlarging them. They can be found in many 25 cent to $1 bins at comic book conventions. I just added you to my Google News Reader. superman starring in action comics 581 .75 Is it the only one you have or do you have a run of them? near mint condt. Again, it is free but you have to signup. The 50 most valuable English comics 48 bids Action Comics #1 (June 1938) Superman's Debut, CGC 9.0 - Perfect White Pages GI Joe #1 has done well recently, especially with the movie. Can you tell me an estimate of what they are worth? I have seen a few on ebay and such, but they are all slightly different from mine. Josh – the staple defect will not add to the value of the comic, and for that specific issue would probably take away from the value. That title is quite common,especially in lower condition and is found in a lot of 50 cent boxes at conventions. does this increase the value at all? 1974 10″x13 1/2″ I have at keat 30 Invaders comic books from the late 70’s sitting around the house. Sponsored by Barclays Bank, the English web of spiderman 38 may 1.00 Sounds like a really nice comic book. Hi my family member! superman starring in action comics 494 apr .40 Unless they are in absolutely pristine condition, they aren’t worth very much. Print date on back is 1984. Cable #1 is worth very little unless it’s in almost perfect condition and CGC graded (CGC 9.9 or better, even in 9.8 it wouldn’t be worth the grading expense). ok i have superman 1994 issues 1-10 and 1993 issues 11-46 how much would they all be worth? I have a Rex Allen comic book #11 ,1954, in pretty good condition. The pricing is all over the place for actual sales. Just as supply and demand work for any retail product, the less supply of a particular comic, the greater the demand. You have several options available to sell your comic books, from selling to a dealer, running and ad in the local newspaper or craigslist, all the way to E-bay. If there are 15,000 copies of the comic in perfect condition, it is going to be less desirable than one with only 100 known copies in mint condition. Hello, yup this paragraph is actually nice and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. Hello Admin, I have just cataloged my collection of over 1300 comics (mostly Marvel mid 80’s and some DC) and have an Excel document with them all on. Worth anything? George – the comic book you have can be valuable but it depends on the condition. Not autographed. The comic book market has experienced quite a bit of decline in recent years, but there still are comics that are going up in value or have retained a great deal of value. Just search in google for: All of these are in fair to good condition. When ranking the order of which comics were going to increase in value the most (from a percentage stand point) this book put us in a pickle. error, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like Can you help? and all favourites comic no38, I was just wondering how much they are worth. Can you give me the full title? Let me know what condition they are in and I can give you more information. Since these resources are free, you know the old saying: ” you get what you pay for.”  Don’t use just one of these sources as the means to come up with the value. … […]. Sorry I can’t be of more help. More than 48,000 attended Denver Comic-Con last weekend, up 20,000 from last year's inaugural show. When looking for foreign editions the cover price is what matters (here in the States I see Canadian editions quite frequently at conventions). I have a Marvel comics group, Conan Barbarian, inside says Conan the Barbaria Vol. The best way to use the search is to type in the title and issue number of your comic book, plus the term “value”, “price”, or “for sale”. On the web about no cover or anything to look for. Thanks for every other magnificent post. I have spectacular collectors items THE DARING AND THE DIFFERENT AN ALL-INFANTINO ISSUE DC SPECIAL No1 dec in1968 do you know how much it is worth. I have a Ghost Rider Annual #1 autographed by the writer comic. Unfortunately both of those comics are part of the 1980’s “glut” and aren’t worth very much. We provide you with free appraisals and no obligation! Follow the tips and tricks in those posts. Walt, Thanks, sounds like you have some nice books there. I’d really appreciate it. thank you very much. Many of the comics in the list feature first appearances from characters who went on to prove popular. If you have a lot you should probably go through the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and see if any stand out in value. its a miracle how I ended up on your website. If you want to send me the list I can give you some ideas about selling. In this example “1990”. superman starring in action comics 579 .75 i have gambit 1 2 3 and 4 all signed and numbered 151 of 2500 so a relitive low number by the writer and artist in near mint or better with the cirtifacate of athantisity and i am just trying to find out an aprox value to see if need to insure them or not. What they need to do is just replicate the consistency by following the trading system My collection ranges from mixed titles from the 70’s to the 90’s…tons of xmen…over 2000 books, i have a g.i.joe 1982 #1 blockbuster first issue its in fair shape you can read all of the words and the color is good does any one now the value thanks. I have the comic book Dragon Lines Volume 1 book 1 how much would it go for? I wish to say that this article is awesome, If you want to find comic book values and the online price guide now, please visit our new page here: In the previous comic book value post I talked about using the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide as a source. Today, they are worth…$2,715! 11. condition. Without specific issue numbers and condition it is impossible to say. Well I have two comic books in pretty good condition. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how much it is worth? If you've managed to hold on to your comic book collection, you may find that some of them have increased extraordinarily in value. The legendary variant of Amazing Spider-Man #667 is a relatively rare comic book, especially by modern age standards.. I have a small amount of comics but 3 are what I’m most interested in. Read our price guide to The most valuable comic books of Variant Comics. It really depends if you can find a buyer who wants a signed comic book. first edition 1940 Whiz comics. They are all in remarkable shape with very little wear and tear on them. I actually have a number of others, including X-Men collection, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc If the Human Torch and Kamandi are in low condition they may not bring much. Based on that you can make a decision whether or not you should sell. Good luck! !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? I got the gambit limited series 1-4 how much would they go at? I have a spiderman comic, I think it is the 11th one ever made. Can you tell me how much it is worth? Determining the value of old comics involves five criteria that you need to mull over. I was just wondering if it was worth any thing? At the top of the list, Batman Adventures has increased in value by more than 2,500pc. Even got the flyer of his event. Are they marketable? The HTC Sense 7.0 UI has enough new features to make it one of the best covers on Google android phones. Once you do this you will get a listing, if any, of the closed auctions. The book is in new condition. I know #128 is Avery important issue and that one is nm. The platinum cover sounds like a modern comic, and if so if it is only in very good condition it is not worth much. I like to do something after reading it. There are a number of factors that affect a comic's value, such as the number of copies in circulation, demand (if the market is hot because of a new film, it might be time to strike) and condition - there's a specific scale used to determine if the comic is "mint" or "poor". I have several books that I’m interested in selling as a lot, and I’m trying to get an idea of what they would be worth as a lot. It's important to emphasize this, because too many collectors (especially when it's time to sell their comic books) quote the "value" of the books in their collection.. ComicsPriceGuide.com. French Comics Top 50. Dollars. Thanks. Thanks, Forgot to say, mine also dosnt have price on front, it has it on the back and price is 90p. Previous Page Page. First off is comicpriceguide.com. In an attempt to bring in new comic readers, Funnies, Inc. partnered up with Timely (the eventual Marvel) to put out books in movie theaters to try and drum up some sales. I think this is the best impression. The comic sold for .25 cents back in 1978. It is signed I believe by the illustrator and the seal of authenticity have never been broken leaving it in mint condition. Next we have nostomania.com. This book usually sells for about cover price. If you decide to go the E-bay route naturally you will have several “offers” by virtue of the bidding system. I have Silver Surfer #3 1987 in good condition no tears corners are still in tact all the pages are in order to bends or wrinkles in cover. It walks you through finding comic book values and prices and helps you decide the best method for your situation. I have downloaded your selling guide. Heritage Auctions is selling a famous collection of Batman comic books, ones that had been stolen and later recovered by the owner. And Batman detective comics June 95 issue? actually remarkable in favor of me. I would need more information, issue number and condition, to tell you for sure. one source or even how to begin. Find. If any one knows, I would really appreciate it. its the paper back issue and in somewhat good condition ( just a little faded). my uncle pasted away and has boxes and boxes of comics does anyone know how to find out of any of these have value. It introduces the archest of arch-villains to the Spider-verse. Any response will be appreciated. i have a spiderman and nick fury vol. One of the biggest reason for high bounce rate is due to visitors hitting the back button. FYI, I sealed all my comics in a plastic bag in a very good condition. Unfortunately those comics would not be worth very much. King size annual avengers # 10 stan lee signed, cgc 8.0 and finally amazing spiderman # 500 double sized edition cgc 9.5 also stan lee signed..thank you, I forgot to mention..the inauguration spiderman is mint as well, pages never opened..only removed from plastic for stan lee sig, Do I have to sign up for my question to be answered? - of items Toggle Dropdown. I have a 40th anniversary super spectacular superman comic book 1979 is it worth anything? Of course, not every sneaker is going to be a collectible. 1 and i would like to know if it is worth anything ??? it is # 24 the challange of the mask, as far as condition it is in pretty good condition (not perfect) a few nicks on the cover but completely in tact slight yellowing of pages inside but no creased corners or tears. “Save” button. Thanks for your publication on this weblog. Since you have several boxes you will probably want to get an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide to start going over the collection. The Secret Wars #8 could be very valuable if it is truly mint. Hence, your Forex trading platform will depend on the broker you choose. 6. All costs 10 cents and made in late 50s or early 60s. Want to see what their value is and then perhaps get rid of them. I have a first issue of a marvel comic book named CABLE. An original Wonder Woman #24 could range from about $75 to upwards of a thousand depending on the condition. I have seen them at conventions for $1 each at most – and that was in what I would call VF condition. spiderman 107 oct .65 Wow, Just got my entire collection from my moms house, ran in to a bit of financial problems, and decided to sell the lot, but just reading up on comics, prices and the such…all my memories of these books came back, Dont think im selling em again….I’ll put in some major overtime at the job, Good to see that comic’s are still alive…I dont have enough time to collect anymore, but I still love em, P.S. i was wondering if it was worth anything. does the following comic books have any value: Stormwatch, Brigade, TEAM Youngblood, and Spider-man. If you have more information including the condition it would help. It sounds like most of those books are very common and not very valuable. I have the No. Record sale: $20,000 Minimum value: $2,500. Hello I have two green lantern comics issue This helps weed out the scam auctions and bidders. British tech firms are chasing the American dream – but should investors follow. Have you heard of such a thing in the past? Spider-man’s Marriage Problems – Opportunity for Collectors? I have a copy of Sensational Spider-man #36 that was put together wrong by the publisher. Comic Book Value Finder 48 & 52 are VG 49-50 G – any advise on how to I hope this helps and good luck with your comics. Michelle. Is the comic book Wonder Woman #24 and is the “Challenge of the Mask” the title of one of the stories? Thanks. I would need the issue numbers and basic condition for the Front Page Comics to give you an idea. It’s awesome to go to see this web page and reading the views of all friends concerning this article, while I am also eager of getting know-how. so yeah would have to hear back.. thanks. The Incredible Hulk #106 would also sell for only a few dollars in good condition. end up, so having reasonably low bounce rate is important for improving your rankings naturally. under that it say’s spiderman: TM 1992 Marvel entertainment group,inc alll rights reserved. Does anybody know how much the Rise of Apocalypse issue 1-3 from 1996 is worth? If anyone has a idea or clue on what these comic books are or could be worth please contact me, Famous 1st edition DC comic limited collectors’golden mint series Capt Marvel This edition copyright NOV Comic Book Grading Basics, Comic Book Investing Thanks for reply. Animated X-Men #112 comic’s interviews great condition except for small spill of some kind on front of cover. They can be very valuable but your copy is a collection of comix and is worth less. At 25 and older you start seeing some appreciation in value. Is it worth much trying to sell, or are they only worth a few bucks each? Spiderman/Captain America is in good shape with a little rip but most pages are in good shape. Not sure on value or how to tell . Unfamiliar with how to obtain an appraisal and the process of getting the books sold. If you’ve stumbled across a treasure trove of comics, then take advantage of The Comic Book Boy’s videos and articles to find out the value of your comics. Thanks for your question. superman starring in action comics 577 .75 Sam, sounds like you have a UK variant of the Empire Strikes Back. Looking up Marvel Card Values. With that many comics I usually recommend picking up a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and getting an estimate. Hi! Comics: 1,113,216 Coffee: 139,152; Search ... View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans! Other price guide editions From: The 2019 Price Guide for 1980's Marvel & DC Newsstand Canadian Cover Price Variants (Type 1A) by Bill Alexander, Paul Clairmont, Walter Durajlija, Jon McClure, Benjamin Nobel, Doug Sulipa, and Angelo Virone [ introduction, table of contents, all titles ] Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars CPV in the Top 50: Marvel… Age - comics less than 25 years old might have SOME value but often it isn’t much more than cover price. If you have more questions feel free to send me an e-mail at ” questions “at” comicbooksecrets.com” just make it a normal e-mail address with an “@”. Check Values | Have Yours Appraised. I’ve seen issues 2-4 on the Internet for about $16 each in about fine condition. If going through the process of identifying the value of my comics is not something that appeals to you then let The Comic … superman 421 .75 Most Valuable Comics . It’s a 30th anniversary edition. Peter WD. If so, the book by itself is worth very little, but you may be able to find someone who would be willing to pay a little more for an authentic signed copy. Sorry to hear about your uncle. i have a wonder woman (the challenge of the mask #24) says its from 1947 wondering if i could find out approximate value. Research put together by GoCompare, the comparison website, and Duncan McAlpine from The Comic Book Price Guide has revealed the 10 comics that have appreciated the most. Seyiny’s Bounce Plugin. At the time the award was given, Hazard statistically didn’t deserve the award as he would have been on only Please let me know if the are worth anything. Thanks. It’s the Spider man and Captain America Danger: Demon on a rampage December issue of 1973 issue 52. The value would be based upon the X-men Adventures #1 and other issues in the pack, and they are found in many dollar bins. 1974 Tom and Jerry #287 get that kind of info in such an ideal manner of writing? I am looking to sell them. Unfortunately it was published at the time of the great boom and subsequent crash of comic books in the early 1990’s. And the last is a 48 page anniversary special: Iron Man published in 1992. In good condition. Hi my son has a few comic books on of them is C-61 1979 SuperMan Dc Comics copy of the 1939 and i was wondering what if was worth anything. Hello I have a old comic call “best of the rip off press” volume one with no cover price on it. The difference is it was Gwen Stacy who was Pete’s girlfriend and who is actaully murdered by Gobby. Are they worth anything? Also make sure it is Amazing Spider-man from 1963. i have a 50 yr. reprint of action comics but it was misstapled like to inches towards the cover and i was wondering if it is worth any more for the defect. Thanks. They are made by dell comics. Most Valuable Comic Books. I have comic that Caleb hammer saides vol 1, number 54 . I’m sure that your low rankings are caused by hi bounce rate. A comic strip is a sequence of images with a small amount of text in each box. Gobby and the recently released Enforcers (introduced in #10) team up and lure Spidey to L.A. where he's supposedly going to star in a film. That is issue, even in Near Mint is commonly found in $1 boxes at comic conventions. But can’t find a value for it. It’s not a high demand comic book. We monitor the fire hose of online comic book sales across various marketplaces and report on the sales of CGC and CBCS graded books in our comics price guide. WEBTOON. Carmen, 247 in okay condition. Most comic strips are … to say kudos for a fantastic post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the minute but I What really seems to be happening is that you are changing the market of your comic book from puritans that don’t want the original comic changed, to those that like to collect autographs as part of their hobby. i have a iron man comic book number 300 near mint and signed by artist and i cant find the value. The modern comic books aren’t worth much for the most part, but I would have to see a complete list to be certain. I am wondering the value of “Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. I have a nearly complete 10 year collection, beginning with issue 1, of Conan the Barbarian comics. and #9 peter parker the spactacular spiderman vol 1 the white tiger strikes marvel 1977 mint condt. 1972 #4 Marvel Team-up, Spidey and the Xmen….1972 #5 Marvel Team-up Spidey and Vision….1972 #1 The Defenders….1973 FIRST ISSUE #1 Ghost Rider….1972 #1 Luke Cage HERO for HIRE….1984 Vol. Please refer to my article about signed comic book values to help you. They include the following: • Old comic book grading. Comic books are like oil in that they are traded in U.S. dollars. Instant Comic Book Values and Price Guide, Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Download, Comic Book Secret’s Insider Reports and Books, Comic Book Secrets – The Home for Comic Book Collectors and Investors. Travis – Sounds like the Green Lantern comics are the newer series, so there is not an established price for sealed and signed books. As comic books gained in popularity and the people who owned them got older, value began to be placed on comics. In some cases, demand was likely to have been boosted by film franchises. I have a 1985 Superman The Secret Years in mint condition. Page numbers seem off too can’t find anything. First; check the list of valuable comics below, second; lookup the value of similar comic books sold by Heritage Auctions, and third; request a free appraisal of your comics and comic book art … Dell comics can be readily found. The Action Comics 1 reprints are only worth some money if they are in pristine condition. After you get some idea of the value you’ll have to decide whether you want to sell them or become a collector yourself. Best of luck and let me know how it goes. They simply look up all the prices in the guide, usually blanket-grading their books as near mint minus (9.2), and multiply the number of comics … For example, over the last few years CGC 8.0 copies have sold anywhere from the low $300’s to over $600. Make sure you check out the free online price guide and value resource to check on some of the values and don’t leave out the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide as a research tool. Plus many others from the 60’s. Join Today! if not ill just keep them on my wall and maybe one day. ', £3bn manager: 'If a business doesn't double in five years, it's not worth it', Picking up roots: one million over-55s forced to rent by 2031, Britons to miss out on £2.4bn worth of holiday days, Questor: our Aim-quoted software firm falls to a Silicon Valley giant – for a gain of 138pc, Watchdog permanently bans adverts for 'speculative' mini-bonds, Six million savers miss out on £1,500 by pouring cash into easy-access accounts, Tax developers and foreign buyers to pay for cladding repairs, campaigners say, 'Mum died and her home has brought me 18 months of hell': how shared ownership leaves people trapped, Housing 'mini-boom' is fading fast, estate agents warn. With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? The Westerner March 1949 Issue #19 Thanks and I’ll await your feedback. i have 225 comic books from the 80’s lots of marvels and dc’s can you tell me how mcuh theyre all worth. Thank you. For each sale discovered, we match it to the specific comic in our massive database (which also includes variant covers and printings). If you need more info let us know. A lot of 80’s comics are usually found in the 25 cent bins, but depending on the issues and titles, some are worth a decent amount of money. You can contact me at dhyanicoleman@gmail.com. The 10 comics that have increased most in value. The #44 can range from just over $100 to $1700(NM-) retail, depending on the condition. Many times they actually bring less. Any ideas? thanks. With those two details I can give you a better idea. Good luck! Comic book grades are determine by a special grading scale. the avengers 16 feb .40 Comic Book Value Guide How to Value Your Comics in 3 Easy Steps . If the buyer, seller, or both have left positive feedback it is a good indication the sale went through and I can count on the value. Also DC comics limited collectors edition 1974 Superman comic w/ 6 stories Also NOV 1974 10×13 1/2″ Both sold for a dollar on the news stand. i have a spideman comic vol #1 no. It will give you an estimate. You must do this important step to get the most accurate information. If you have a lot of Superhero books and they are in great condition it is probably worth your time to go through them and assign a value. It is signed and in mint condition. Thanks much. Thanks! //