We're pioneering research to find solutions. The campaign sought to reduce the rate of premature birth by 15 percent, from 11.9 percent of all births in 2001 to 10.1 percent by 2007. The company that I work for is asking me to join in a March of Dimes (MOD) walk / fundraiser. Christian Life Resources is not responsible for the content of any other websites using similar names. The March of Dimes does not fund any abortion counseling or other abortion services for any individual. At the very least, it should explain why it has chosen to exclude potentially life-saving information – especially since it says it is "walking for the health of ALL babies." Our local Publix is soliciting donations to MOD. The American Bishops and the March of Dimes: A Time for Re-Assessment by Randy Engel. March of Dimes. Expedia. The pressure on parents to abort so-called ‘abnormal’ children is very strong.”, (Dr. Jerome LeJeune, the famed geneticist who isolated the chromosome responsible for Down’s Syndrome, has compared the MOD policy of ‘neutrality’ to selling weapons to terrorists and claiming no responsibility for the eventual outcome.). When used late enough in pregnancy, the unborn child may be successfully treated while still in the womb. Deutsche Bank. Due in large part to MOD policies, abortion has actually helped ‘eliminate’ many birth defects. This article is very helpful to read. Miscarriage (March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation) Also in Spanish; Miscarriages (Nemours Foundation) Pregnancy Loss (Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health) Also in Spanish; Pregnancy Loss: How to Cope (Mayo Foundation … PepsiCo. In the essay “Fetal Reduction and Selective Termination in Multifetal Pregnancies: Outcomes, Ethics, and Counseling Issues,” Birth Defects magazine describes technical aspects of such abortions in a shockingly matter-of-fact manner. Despite the fact that studies have shown a significant increase in premature births among women who have had abortions, most clinics rarely, if ever, list it as a risk on consent forms. The March of Dimes does not promote abortion as a solution to the problem of birth defects. I am thinking that I will make many copies of this article, and hand it out during the walk, and also try to have converstaions with people to explain what this article is saying. Groupon. In 1981, the rate of premature birth was 9.4 percent; in 2002, it was 12.1 percent – a figure that represents one in eight births. Anyways, I would like to give her a copy of this article so she can read it. From time to time people contact our office, asking which companies support Planned Parenthood financially. Please circulate to family and friends and pastors: Hi Everyone – Last year the US Coalition for Life managed to clip the homosexual “Christmas” specials with hundreds of calls into Lifeline and warning shots to Hallmark. No mom should endure the pregnancy I had. Dr. Malcolm Potts, an abortion supporter, wrote in 1967 that "there seems little doubt that there is a true relationship between the high incidence of therapeutic abortion and prematurity. Required fields are marked *. March of Dimes, the nation's leader in the fight for the health of all moms and babies, has issued its 2020 Report Card amid the coronavirus pandemic and calls for racial justice, shining a spotlight on factors that contribute to maternal and infant health across the U.S. and in Hawaii. In addition, March of Dimes has taken a public stance in favor of fetal tissue transplants. After an induced abortion, the risk of infection in a subsequent pregnancy increases by 140 percent. “They claim no position on abortion, ” says Meehan. Ben & Jerry’s. Microsoft. Amniocentesis can determine if the baby is healthy. The March of Dimes declared 37 counties in Georgia maternity care deserts for their lack of obstetric providers or hospitals. Johnson & Johnson. March of Dimes IS PRO-ABORTION! Copyright © 2005 -document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) by Christian Life Resources. I don’t know if she forgot or didn’t understand from the past. The March of Dimes (MOD) is an organization that enjoys a positive public image. But persistent denials aside, the March of Dimes does have a strong pro-abortion philosophy that is becoming increasingly explicit. We're empowering families with the knowledge and tools to have healthier pregnancies. If you made a $100 donation to the March of Dimes (MOD) in 2015, how was that money spent? I have told her in the past I don’t support March of Dimes but am a proponent of right to life organizations. Research certainly suggests that one cause may be far better known than the organization is willing to admit. American Express. Thank you for your comment, though you do not need to be pugnacious when expressing the contrary views. It pits one disadvantaged group, the disabled, against the most disadvantaged group of all, the unborn. ExxonMobil. In 1987, it was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that "black women with two previous induced abortions had a 91 percent higher risk of a subsequent preterm birth than black women with no induced abortions." During the COVID-19 pandemic, March of Dimes has remained committed to ensuring our staff, volunteers and supporters stay healthy and safe, while also fulfilling our commitment to support moms and families during this challenging time. Available for $3.00. Energizer. No significant relationship was seen between one or two abortions and later prematurity. The correct information is that the March of Dimes is neutral on the issue of abortion. Moreover, it distracts attention and money from other medical research that is ethical and that may prove more helpful to the disabled.”. Nike. I was wondering if I could reprint The Pro Abortion Policies of the March of Dimes. If we are in error, then document the error with credible evidence that is more than an opinion. Fannie Mae. In fact, approximately 100,000 premature infants will develop health problems, and premature birth is the leading cause of death in the first month of life. And it runs even deeper than many knowledgeable pro-lifers suspect. I am sure that majority of people do not realize what MOD is doing. We agree with the March of Dimes ad, far too many die and we need to help them survive. Converse. Unfortunately, many well-meaning pro-life citizens continue to support MOD, not knowing one of the group’s methods of preventing what it calls “Birth Defects” is to promote abortion. Their “neutral” stance on abortion, which accepts and encourages abortion by its silence The March of Dimes is a well-known organization that arrays huge resources for the purpose of reducing the incidence of birth … We share our story to raise awareness for complex medical needs for babies, and to turn advocacy into quality health care and positive births for moms. A favorite citation of abortion opponents is a study from Finland. That factor is abortion. March of Dimes Since January 1976, Right to Life of Michigan has adopted a non-support policy toward March of Dimes. The March of Dimes has run national campaigns, spending upwards of $75 million, placing television, radio and print ads in an effort to increase the number of people who consider premature birth a serious problem – from 35 percent in 2002 to 60 percent in 2007. The Michael Fund Instead of Pro-Abortion, March of Dimes The Michael Fund ^ | 01.31.03 Posted on 01/31/2003 7:12:22 PM PST by Coleus. Granted, not all post-abortive women suffer preterm delivery in subsequent pregnancies and not all premature infants are born to mothers who have had abortions; however, the March of Dimes claims that of the 480,000 infants born prematurely, almost half fall into a risk group for which no cause is known. March of Dimes Ignores Abortion-Premature Birth Link Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — The March of Dimes, an organization that prides itself on working to eliminate handicaps in children, is ignoring the link between abortion and premature births, according to the Elliot Institute, which researches the physical and psychological … Frustrating. This article is very interesting, however March of dimes is actively trying to decrease the number of abortions via proper sex education and a push for affordable contraception. Hi there! We took quick action and transitioned to a full telecommuting workforce in mid-March. I do not want to do any recopy without explicit information as your pages is copyrighted and I want to respect that. Here is our policy: We welcome a changed position if, in fact, the position has changed. Your email address will not be published. Bank of America. If March of Dimes has now stepped away from these policies (which they had defended in the past), provide the evidence and we will gladly publicize that. national and state officers. In 1992, Dr. Janet Daling, an abortion proponent, and her colleagues reported, "our findings indicate that an abortion in a woman’s first pregnancy does not have the same protective effect of lowering the risk for intrapartum infection in the following pregnancy as does a live birth." To find out information about other organizations and their positions on abortion, please visit the ALL research page:  Organizations’ Positions on Fetal Research. Liberty Mutual. And, I remembered hearing that MOD supported abortion, but I wanted more information … and I found your article. Thank you. For years the March of Dimes (MOD) has been boycotted by pro-life groups for its involvement in the abortion industry. EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE: Christian Life Resources has made an attempt to clarify these policies but MOD has steadfastly refused to respond to our inquiries as well as those of other pro-life organizations. The March of Dimes longstanding position of neutrality on the issue of abortion is reflected throughout the organization’s many programs and as well as in its advocacy work. Planned Parenthood documented 327,653 abortion procedures in their 2013 annual report. Meehan indicts MOD for their complicity in aborting handicapped children. Yes, any articles on the website and be printed for educational use. In our last contacts with March of Dimes, they have stood by their policies. Levi Strauss. The interruption of pregnancy in the young [under 17] is more dangerous than in other cases. … Due in large part to MOD policies, abortion has actually helped ‘eliminate’ many birth defects. Rather it funds programs of research, community services, education and advocacy as a way to deal with birth defects. 26, No. The March of Dimes claims neutrality on abortion even though it supports research using tissues and cells from children who were aborted. But, again, the organization has said nothing of the impact abortion has on this statistic. Erica Mother of Nia Team Nia stands with March of Dimes because they not only advocate for preemies, but for all babies, including those with rare genetic conditions like Nia. Oracle. Morgan Stanley. And while MOD has done much to eliminate birth defects, their methods of accomplishing that admirable goal and their vision of a brave new world run disturbingly counter to pro-life philosophy. Any commercial use of the information provided here requires permission from the author(s). The group has been successful in getting pro-life Americans to boycott companies that back the nation’s leading abortion company and getting corporations to end the relationship. Your email address will not be published. But I do believe you can be “pro- life” for yourself and not take the choice away from others! Macy’s. We're advocating for policies to protect them. Bath & Body Works. The March of Dimes web site includes an online petition to members of Congress requesting increased federal funding for these and other related activities. The March of Dimes fails to educate women that the procedures used for abortion involve artificially dilating the cervix in order to suction the contents of the uterus – the child in the womb – and that this leads to a higher incidence of incompetent cervix – the inability of the cervix to remain closed and support a continued pregnancy. First, unborn children are killed because they are somehow not human enough for legal protection; then their bodies are used – because they are human bodies – to help older humans, “read her HLR article. March of Dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. A major part of the problem is rooted in March of Dimes’ promotion of ‘prenatal diagnostic procedures,’ (amniocentesis). Neither are women seeking abortions verbally informed of this risk. The organization exists to empower moms and babies to have a healthy start, so why did they give $24,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2013? Boeing. The organization piously asserts that it leaves the choice to abort to the parents. The March of Dimes does acknowledge there is a disproportionate rate of prematurity among black women than any other race or ethnicity. The March of Dimes went off track many decades ago, when they ceased to be an anti-TB organization and instead focused on birth defects. The March of Dimes promotes prenatal research intended to inform parents of their unborn child's “defects” in utero so that they can choose whether or not to abort. These 480,000 babies are at higher risk of requiring hospitalization, developing long-term health problems (particularly cerebral palsy) and/or dying. Luckily she learned about premature birth from the March of Dimes and asked questions — because after she was anxious enough to get her fluid levels checked again, her son, Ismael, was born by emergency c-section 5 weeks early. Under the Fair Use Provision of the Copyright Act, it is acceptable to use copyrighted works for these purposes. At least 16 studies, including one published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, support Luke’s claim that a previously induced abortion elevates the subsequent risk of a premature birth. Starbucks Also free download available from www.michaelfund.org. Editor's note: For more than thirty years, the Pro-Life Movement in the United States has been fighting the anti-life policies and programs of the March of Dimes. We care about many different issues, please select the topics you would like to receive. However, this "awareness" campaign has a hidden secret:  Scientists have long been aware of one factor influencing prematurity that seems to have escaped the March of Dimes' attention. March of Dimes, however, advocates the amniocentesis procedure at a point in pregnancy when the only ‘treatment’ is abortion. "The March of Dimes is being affected by all the controversy about abortion and it's hurting us," said Kathy Morrison, spokeswoman for the organization's Central Florida chapter in Orlando. I love that grocery store. The incidence of premature birth – one that occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy – has been steadily escalating in the United States for more than two decades. If the March of Dimes is going to spend $75 million on a "campaign to help families have healthier babies," perhaps it is time it looks at research already conducted and acknowledges the connection between abortion and premature birth. March of Dimes medical director, Dr. Nancy Green, told Time magazine that the 27% rise in … La Senza. The March of Dimes has maintained neutrality on the issue of abortion. March of Dimes adamantly claims a neutral policy on abortion in its literature. March of Dimes IS PRO-ABORTION! In a study of children in Atlanta concluded the same year, it was reported that 10-year-old black children had a 30 percent higher prevalence of cerebral palsy than did 10-year-old white children. Furthermore, the study noted, "black infants remain twice as likely as white infants to die during the first year of life." ©2020 American Life League, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible. However, what March of Dimes fails to mention in its educational efforts is the connection between abortion and premature birth. For the sake of transparency, I have no respect for Anti- choice, pro birth organizations such as this. See A March of Dimes Primer—The A-Z of Eugenic Abortion, 1991, p. 11, published by the USCL, Box 315, Export, PA 15632. This is accomplished by aborting babies with medical conditions. We're working to radically improve the health care they receive. I learned that Hallmark was on the verge of promoting sodomy and lesbianism as a Christmas theme for next season. Fair Use of Copyrighted Works If they [previous abortions] were done during the second trimester, after 14 weeks, your subsequent risk of prematurity is greater than if they had been done during the first trimester.". Abortion plays no part in MOD-funded research or community programs. But spreading false information like this is very detrimental to an organization that has the same core values as you. March of Dimes advocates for access to health care, information and resources for women and children everywhere. In its efforts to "find out what causes it and how it can be stopped," the March of Dimes is overlooking a significant risk factor. March of Dimes Cover-up of Abortion / Preemie Link is the Real Mystery Springfield, IL (Feb. 11, 2003) March of Dimes has announced a major fund raising effort to understand and battle premature deliveries. In her Human Life Review article, she quotes extensively from a March of Dimes publication called Birth Defects (Vol. Skip to comments. The result of this lack of information is that women and newborns are put at risk of premature birth and the associated health consequences. See also: March of Dimes, Prelude to the Holocaust. March of Dimes Coverup of Abortion / Preemie Link is the Real Mystery March of Dimes has announced a major fund raising effort to understand and battle premature deliveries. The group 2nd Vote has put together a list of corporate sponsors based on Planned Parenthood’s own documents as well as other sources.. Below is a list of companies that support Planned Parenthood as of January of 2019. The March of Dimes makes no recommendations to individuals … According to the IRS Form 990 (2015), there are two ways in which to look at how that donation was spent: by looking at the four categories in which the organization classifies expenses: program, management, fundraising, and grants; or by looking at the line item expense, with the later providing … The March of Dimes does not encourage, fund, or support abortion, either directly or indirectly. Phone calls to MOD offices often yield indignant responses to any who dare question the organization’s respect for defenseless human life. Dear Friends of The Michael Fund, Since the publication of our Fall 1998 newsletter Prelude to the Holocaust, there has been an avalanche of media reports on modern day eugenic practices in the United States and abroad. ", Professor Barbara Luke, a highly regarded author in the field of obstetrics at the University of Michigan, noted, "If you have had one or more induced abortions, your risk of prematurity with this [current] pregnancy increases about thirty percent. While black women comprise only about 12 percent of the U.S. female population, black women have 35.2 percent of all induced abortions. Abortion Adoption Child Abuse Civil Disobedience Cloning Constitutional Convention Euthanasia Genetic Engineering Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research March of Dimes Nonviolence & Picketing Population School-Based Clinics Surrogate Parenting Contracts The Handicapped Prolife News. Isamari Castrodad had a healthy pregnancy until she was hospitalized for a low level of amniotic fluid. Meehan also fumes over MOD’S more active but virtually unknown pro-abortion policies. The obvious implication is that the March of Dimes knows some things about premature births that it wants to share. Freelance writer Mary Meehan, whose well-documented article, “A Good Charity is Hard to Find,” which appeared in the Fall 1992 edition of the Human Life Review, shines an incriminating spotlight on the March of Dimes and other charities. “They don’t have to; all they have to do is lead parents into temptation. The March of Dimes also “supports the use of fetal tissue for research to develop treatments for previously incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.” Hello. activities and publications, and after a high level meeting with M.O.D. The booklet contains an ominously titled piece that describes in disturbing detail the benefits of “fetal reduction,” which is actually the abortion of some of the preborn infants in multiple pregnancies. 3, 1990). “People have absolutely no idea what many charities are doing,” concluded Meehan. Additionally, the March of Dimes funds research designed to find causes of premature birth, and attempts to educate families about the warning signs of and possible methods of preventing premature birth. Hope that helps, - James March of Dimes web site even includes an online petition to members of Congress to request increased federal funding for these initiatives. Avon. You'll put it into the database and the next time we select names you'll get the labels. A well meaning neighbor is asking for donations. Clearly, women whose reproductive careers begin with three or more abortions are atypical. To our knowledge, they have not changed. What the March of Dimes fails, or neglects, to mention as part of its educational efforts is the connection between abortion and premature birth. The following companies directly fund the abortion business: Adobe. And it runs even deeper than many knowledgeable pro-lifers suspect. The March of Dimes campaign kicked off National Prematurity Awareness Month in addition to naming November 16 National Prematurity Awareness Day. March of Dimes medical director, Dr. Nancy Green, told Time magazine that the 27% rise in premature births over the last […] Intuit. But persistent denials aside, the March of Dimes does have a strong pro-abortion philosophy that is becoming increasingly explicit. The March of Dimes fails to educate women that the procedures used for abortion involve artificially dilating the cervix in order to suction the contents of the uterus – the child in the womb – and that this leads to a higher incidence of incompetent cervix – the inability of the cervix to remain closed and support a continued pregnancy. This was adopted only after a three-year study of March of Dimes (M.O.D.) The information on this website is provided to users for the purpose of education – personal education on life and family issues, as well as scholarship and research. Clorox. The March for Life has been held every January since 1974, the year after the Supreme Court established the right to an abortion in Roe v. Wade. Dockers. Explore our health care advocacy, policies and … Organizations’ Positions on Fetal Research. “It is the ultimate case, perhaps, of exploitation of the defenseless by the powerful (Senator [Ted] Kennedy, et al.) March of Dimes 1275 Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains, NY 10605 Include the donation and a letter saying how you want the labels to read. Among women who had three or more induced abortions before a live birth, a 40 percent increase in the risk of prematurity was observed. Make a difference and give light to the darkness. Meehan notes the irony. The March of Dimes also fails to include in its educational outreach that University of Wisconsin researchers found the risk of infection is higher in women who have had an abortion, and these types of infections are linked to a higher risk of premature births. Christian Life Resources is not responsible for the content of any other websites using similar names. It’s time pro-lifers helped spread the word. The main reason for focusing on birth defects is to abort these "defective" babies before they have a chance to live.
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