This hang-on stand has a unique offset bracket design with four points of contact to provide a stable attachment on uneven trees. Climbing stick bracket/offset for use with 1″ square tube to offset climbing stick away from the tree for foot placement. All members can view the classifieds. Filed under: Lone Wolf Treestand Hunting. 30"*19.5" Self-leveling platform and seat. Please call Lone Wolf before returning the stand for detailed instructions. Product Details. Insert the toes of your boots in the triangular area formed by the traction belt tube, the open hinge and the base; easy in, easy out and you have complete control. 309-691-WOLF. The seat is the same on both models measuring 14 by 12 inches, seat height is set at 21 inches high measuring from the platform. Lone wolf tree stand xop back pack straps w/6 LW sticks+ quiver - $300 (Catlettsburg) Lone wolf tree stand assault 2 w/ 6 lone wolf sticks and stick quiver xop back pack straps and waist support belt 300.00 new condition ... Lone Wolf and XOP treestands - $300 (Tipton) I have for sale (2) mobile hunting setups. Does anyone know what the spacing is on the lone wolf offset bracket or how wide the lone wolf stands vertical bar is? - Return authorization is needed. for easy transport ; Offset bracket for right to left adjustment ; Extra-thick contoured foam seat pad ; Accepts E-Z hang hook accessory The other end uses the triglide. The SH Membership has gone live. They always keep the seat section attached to the base. Like I said I plan on using it as a semi-permanent setup. The Mini Climbing Stick can be used in conjunction with the longer Climbing Sticks when you have a short crook in a tree. Sold individually and includes just the v-bracket, not the climbing stick or DoubleSteps shown in pictures. Now with additional holes drilled through the bracket to lighten them to 4.2oz. E-Z Hang Hook When used in conjunction with one of the two belts included with our Hang On models, the E-Z Hang Hook is an alternative to the Offset Bracket System. It worked fine for me and is … Offset & Side Mounts Select an Offset or Side Mount at Lancaster Archery Supply. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lone Wolf products. Either way, your Lone Wolf stand packs down to an ultra-thin profile for easy carrying. A unique offset bracket stays level and provides a secure point of contact even on awkwardly shaped trees, while the self-leveling system automatically adjusts the platform angle for maximum comfort. - When using the e-z hang hook system remove the offset bracket. Features an impressive 350-lb. Alpha Tech 6-pt Fall Arrest System. Established 1998, Lone Wolf Arms is the world's largest manufacturer of aftermarket components for the Glock line of pistols. We carry a variety of stand accessories from leading brands like Lone Wolf, Hawk Helium, XOP, Big Game, and more. ... Well, is this a substitute for Offset Bracket System? Millennium Treestands M150. I have a legit platform. This replacement offset bracket fit all Lone Wolf hang-on treestands and includes mounting hardware. See more ideas about Cool tree houses, Tree house, Tree. Annoying creaks and other unwanted noises associated with excess joints, bolts and rivets are also absent. Offset Brackets and Side Bar Mounts provide a range of mounting options that allow you to position your Side Bars for maximum balance and performance. ... Do you attach the offset bracket while using the e-z hang hook system? Lone Wolf Offset bracket (hawk Hang out seat) | It worked fine for me and is a bit of a backup if the primary strap fails. The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks that I purchased are one of the best hunting purchases that I made in the past year. The Off Set Bracket allows a Deerhunter to level our Hang On Treestands from right to left. From: Archergreg: Date: 19-Nov-20: I have 2 ash staves about 63". Most Popular: Summit Treestands 81120 Viper Reasons to buy: Lone Wolf’s offset bracket also allows the stand to be attached to any tree of your choice regardless of the tree’s shape. Coming in at approximately 5.5 lbs, the new D’Acquisto Series 0.5 features a smaller platform at 24×17 inches, and a slightly narrower seat. Lone Wolf recommends replacing your traction belts every 5 years. We now also offer upgrades for the … Offset Bracket. 24''*37'' Adjustable seat, Fold-up seat. Engineered to meet the demands of today's diehard hunter, the Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 is feature packed and affordably priced. Where can I obtain service for an older Lone Wolf stand? - Yes, extra long belts are available (6″ longer for 3″ larger tree). DESCRIPTION Quick, quiet and easy to use, the Lone Wolf Mini Climbing Sticks are the perfect pairing to any of the Lone Wolf hang on stands. Description. You should inspect your belts periodically looking for cracks or slices in the outer material. Lone Wolf treestands feature a cast-aluminum platform that is light weight, silent and extremely strong which makes them the best treestands available to today's serious hunter. 300lbs. 4 osage billets (all from same log) about 43" long. Offset bracket; Extra thick contoured foam seat pad; Accepts E-Z Hang Hook accessory; Includes backpack straps; Includes 6 point safety harness that meets industry standards . Includes mounting hardware. Matt . you should keep in mind the lone wolf comes with a special bracket that allows you to set up on crooked trees. Lone Wolf. Offset Bracket a great Lone Wolf Accessory with a video tutorial of its correct use. Lone Wolf® Back Pack Straps Video Instruction. Bites harder and levels further than previous designs. 350lbs. Do you attach the offset bracket while using the e-z hang hook system? Plus its one more strap to carry. Lone Wolf recommends replacing your traction belts every 5 years. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Lone Wolf Stands is an online store that sells portable treestands.For more than 2 decades Lone Wolf Stands has been setting the bar in portable treestand technology.The products are made … Looking for a Lone Wolf Offset Bracket with hardware. D'Acquisto Series Hang-On 1.0 / Mobile Hunter ™. Featured Products. 0:53 [Private video] [Private video] [Private video] Installing Stabilizer Straps by Lone Wolf Stands. Make sure you’re ready for the season with SCHEELS selection of treestand accessories. if you use the easy hang you must remove that bracket losing the ability to offset the top, to level your stand. More About Lone Wolf Stands & Lone Wolf Stands Coupons Introduction. Deadly utility: Roomy 27 1/2 x 19 1/2" tear drop-shaped, 1-Pc. Only SH Members have access to post in the classifieds. Treestand Accessories for Safe, Secure Hunting. Roomy 30 x 19 1/2" self-leveling mesh platform ; Weighs less than 14 lbs. Due to a high volume of orders, All stands have a 2 week lead time. Check Price. The Lone Wolf ALPHA II Hang On Treestand is a highly portable stand that securely attaches to even awkward or sloped trees. Learn how to properly use the Lone Wolf Offset Bracket. Lone Wolf hang-on stands come in 2 sizes, the alpha II is the largest of the two with a platform measuring 30 inches long by 19.5 inches wide. I bought this when I first started before everyone else did. Wide Flip-Top Climber "Combo" Product Details. Plus its one more strap to carry. 14lbs. Strap the hook on the tree and hang the stand. Adjustment is made with the sewn-in buckle. Yes, it is! - The best is to backpack on a Lone Wolf Hang-on Stand (see instruction sheet), with our Lone Wolf stick caddy or the Alphatech climbing stick quiver. With 6 large teeth and an additional 6 micro alignment teeth the offset capability for leveling on crooked trees is unbeatable. - When using the e-z hang hook system remove the offset bracket. Lone Wolf Offset Bracket; Lone Wolf Offset Bracket. XOP's Offset Quick Connect Bracket features a unique design with various slots at different degrees of angles to accommodate for crooked trees. Which system should I use for hanging my stand, EZ hang hook or Tree-V bracket? These climbing sticks are ingeniously designed to nest together for quiet and compact storage and transportation. This product is constructed with cast aluminum and is compatible with any XOP tree stand, simply remove the 6-point bracket prior to use. Looking for a rh javaman or grumley replica. From: Matt R: Date: 19-Nov-20: Randall knife in good used condition. Lightweight, roomy, and deadly quiet, the Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-On Treestand increases your chances for hunting success. Lone Wolf® Alpha Tech F1 Tree Stand. How often do you recommend replcing the traction belts? Hunters can pre-hang multiple hooks and have multiple hunting options using just one stand.Manufacturer: LONE WOLF INCModel: 29864 Then nab this comfortable hang-on Stand for keen vision. Lone Wolf ALPHA Hang On. Featuring a convenient self-leveling seat and platform, this easy-to-use treestand features offset brackets for greater side-to-side leveling and an individually-leveling seat and platform to give hunters a more secure base in awkward trees. I've done the search, my question is about the offset bracket, which I didn't see... You must log in or register to reply here. In most cases 3 climbing sticks will get you to 15-16 feet, depending on how far they are spaced apart. Is hunting whitetail your passion? You should inspect your belts periodically looking for cracks or slices in the outer material. The D’Acquisto Series 0.5 is the perfect hybrid between the Kuhnert’s Ambush and the D’Acquisto Series 1.0 hang-on. Downloads; Shipping Policy; 1:17. Lone Wolf's unique patented cast aluminum platform provides a sturdy, silent base just not possible with sound echoing hollow-tube or grate-popping expanded metal models. Slide the triglide on the strap, run strap around the stand rung and thread the strap back through the triglide. Check Price. Lone Wolf E-Z Hang Hook System Strap-on Use as an alternative to the Offset Bracket System. - One end is fastened with the sewn-in adjustable buckle. Sep 4, 2018 - Explore Jimmy Dean's board "Lone Wolf Tree House's" on Pinterest. - Personal preference indicates--multiple locations on private land would lean towards EZ hang hook and strap. you should keep in mind the lone wolf comes with a special bracket that allows you to set up on crooked trees. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On. JavaScript is disabled. I used it a few times and it works decent. Lone Wolf Offset Bracket by Lone Wolf Stands. Click here to purchase. Product Details. Tighten the straps when you reach your selected height and you will secure the seat to the base while making your stand rock solid. Starting in 2020 only SH Members will be admitted to the annual hunting contest. This Lone Wolf treestand folds into an ultra-thin and compact profile and comes with backpack straps for easy transport to and from the field. Call Us. 19lbs. if you use the easy hang you must remove that bracket losing the ability to offset the top, to level your stand.
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