The exact function of these glands is not known, but they may produce pheromones or chemical signals for communication with other dogs. And that "eau d'you" remains even if you change what you eat, a new study finds. 1 decade ago. Scientists figure out why your body odor smells so strong. They may suggest a stronger antiperspirant, which is only available on prescription. Researchers have found evidence that it helps your body get rid of extra body odor. This tells us that something is out of balance with the body. Remember that while some body odor is normal, having odor just after having taken a bath is not normal. discombobulated girl. I joke. But to this day none of them has sustained scientific scrutiny. Today is a shower day. Study Shows Fish Odor Syndrome May Be More Common Than Thought. Why it causes odor: You don’t think of the vitamin magnesium when you wonder "why do I smell so bad" but you should. I think it's not just from our perspective, I also noticed that they smell different but I wouldn't say it's bad but it's strange. The French do not wash. Lv 4. Asians have the least amount of body odor and find the odor of the other races, particularly blacks, objectionable. Skin conditions. Your body has a signature odor, just as your fingers have unique prints. If you have severe body odour and sweating, your GP may suggest: stronger, prescription antiperspirants; injections in your armpits to reduce the amount of sweat; surgery to remove the sweat glands; Read more about treating excessive sweating. Note. 6 years ago. My age is 58, female, African American, body odor all of my life, paternal grandfather had same problem. What are the tips for removing body odor. However, they do have sweat glands, called apocrine glands, associated with every hair follicle on the body. "Body odor sets female rhesus monkeys apart: Rhesus macaques use their sense of smell to identify members of different social groups and to confirm hierarchy." #healthyliving #bodyodor #ikeystv. : It might not say anything about your health but sometimes medical conditions can cause body odor. Do wild monkeys and chips have stinky body odor? Maybe it works either way, that is, if say, three races are there, we have 6 probable smell-attitudes. Perceptual–verbal approaches of odor classification have been especially prone to errors and biases. Dogs don’t sweat like we do. Watch Queue Queue You bet they do. African Body Odor. ScienceDaily. 5 Answers. You’ve been skipping sex because of a (not-so-sexy) odor down there. 0 0. Do you know when you have body odor? Bed bugs have been found to be very sociable, and oftentimes, male adults want to mate with females constantly. While feet do not have the sweat glands that produce oily sweat, socks and shoes hold in moisture allowing bacteria and yeast to grow on feet causing a different type of bad smell. 1 decade ago. Be the first to answer this question. Strong odor is an important and powerful language, in itself! But sudden, persistent changes to your normal odor can sometimes be a sign of an underlying condition. If body odor is a problem for you, you can do a few things to help manage it: Try a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to fight body odor. How to remove it? Learn more. If it is good enough for Mother Nature, it is good enough for me. If you have tried the above steps and nothing seems to be eliminating your body odor, you may have a medical condition that is causing the smell. Your friend's email. Odor professionals have searched for systems with the same lucidity. Register to get answer. Solution: Okay, so all men have their signature scent below the belt. Body odor sets female rhesus monkeys apart. Unpleasant Body Odor And Breath. However, I haven’t had the AC on for most of the week and the humidity has been pretty high. 1 0. what does this indicate about my overall health? Follow Question; 1 Great Question; Asked by Dutchess_III (42454) August 19th, 2016 I take a shower every other day in general. Dr. Heidi Fowler answered. Causes of body odour. What is my problem? 4. IT IS official. For example, many women experience body odor changes during menopause. Your name. But in all seriousness, body odor is a very sensitive topic and one that people do not discuss nearly enough. We've known certain bacteria cause BO, but now scientists have found the specific enzyme within the germs that makes us so aromatic. That said, they may forebear other changes that do warrant attention. why do i always have bad body odor? Why do they have bad smell? Your Dog’s Body What is “dog smell,” anyway? Springer. The two main types of sweat glands are eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Odor may seem like a trivial matter, but odor is very important, both in identifying genetic similarity between individuals and, between the sexes, receptability towards mating, the suppression of menstruation, and even the identification of mothers and their babies. Go to a doctor or dermatologist to discuss your body odor issue and get a diagnosis. Relevance. Be the first to answer! 0 0 1. Body odor is usually determined by the environment, the foods you eat, or hormones. It is the bacteria breaking down the oily sweat found under the arms and in the groin area that produce body odor. Your Body Needs Magnesium . By Denise Mann. Moham'mad. Why me? From the WebMD Archives. If You Have Body Odor, It May Be in Your Genes. Why do people have body odor? Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), liver disease, renal disease & diabetes can cause body odor. 1 doctor answer. Answer. 24 years experience Psychiatry. Some internal health issues can present with unpleasant body odors, too. Anonymous. This video is unavailable. Speak to me. 2.Monkeys sense their environment the way humans do: they have stereoscopic color sight and weak smell. many people like to dress up better and make a good impression on others, no matter in work or in life. That is, they don’t have liquid perspiration seeping form their pores and rolling off their skin in the way humans do. A 2012 Swedish study found that seniors’ body odors were the least offensive of any age group. Favourite answer. I try to exercise by walking, weight lifting, some type of stretching, yoga type exercises. And that old bugaboo, stress, … Why do you have body odor? I went to Subway and when I raised my arm to point at something body odor wafted up at me. When your body temperature rises, these glands release fluids that cool your body as they evaporate. Who doesn't love being #1? Either you have a medical condition that needs treatment by a doctor, or there is some other issue with-in. Answer Save. Don't know reason. Teen sweat contains different chemicals ; The new hormones produced during puberty also cause … If you have good dental hygiene but are still waking up with bad breath, it may be time to talk with your doctor.
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