There are hundreds of new brands that are coming into the market to compete for your business and this means if you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store (yes, even Costco), read our 2020 Mattress Buying Guide! There is very little "give" to this foam and my back and joint pains returned after a few months of relief. They will quickly tell you, “Never fear… if you don’t like the mattress we will pick it up and refund your money.” That is NOT totally true. The mattress is not firm as advertised. I returned it because most days I woke up with a back ache, it was too firm for me. Already sagging and way too soft. I've been sleeping on this mattress for a year after sleeping on spring mattresses for the past 50 years. Beautyrest is one of the most sought after brands available. It has one of the highest ratings overall, as well as some of the best ratings for a foam mattress for spinal support and durability. I am a problem sleeper, having suffered from insomnia most of my adult life and also have lower back issues (I'm 62, 6' and athletic 195#). The pros: Many different comfort options for a competitive price point. Not nice! It did not smell at all the first day and inflated well over the day, so we slept on it the first night. It is a great value being at least one third the price of similar mattresses. I was hesitant to buy a mattress online, but decided to go for it. With that said, Tempur-Pedic is still a good brand with a good reputation. You may be surprised! When it comes to the best rated designs, many customers opt for buying direct. It is now a week later and no one has called me or emailed me to apologize. I have told all of my friends and family about our purchase and recommend this mattress to anyone out there who has never tried a memory foam mattress or just wants a restful nights sleep. ), we decided this would (hopefully) be for us. I'm a side sleeper and do not wake up with back pain. The pros: Very low priced options with good initial comfort scores. We donated our purple mattress and bought this mattress. If you hop around beds at mattress outlets, you'll see that it is precisely a medium-softness mattress. This is a very comfortable mattress. I was told do NOT call us back every two hours like some people do. This site's sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient. On another note, COSTCO and Innocor are great to work with. I will never mattress shop again as this is the best! I am returning it and wondering if I should order another one and see if I get lucky or just buy a different model. Their mattresses are known for their pillow tops and high end thickness, made famous by their Beautyrest Black line and big mattress retailer partnerships.But, over the years, they have expanded into bringing their mattresses … I GOT ATTITUDE FROM THE SUPERVISOR AT COSTCO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Only a 4 because it’s not Goldilocks perfect. Deal good through 11/3/020 or while supplies last. It is very heavy when it comes, and definitely needed help getting it to the second floor. We read about this top rated mattress on Consumer Reports online and it has surpassed our expectations tenfold. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 125 reviews. Perfect firmness, and on time delivery. Better for stomach and back not for Side sleepers, Great especially compared to more expensive brands, Good support but too hot to sleep comfortably, Comfortable and precisely medium softness, Buying this mattress is like playing lottery, Cool and Firm; Serafina Memory Foam Mattress, Know your personal mattress preferences first, Sealy West Salem Cal King Mattress/Foundation. We wanted medium firm and that is what we got. I was very wrong. The pros: Well-known brand with competitive foam mattress in a box options. Last time they left bath tub standing sideways on the porch and blocking my exit from the house. Even though things like toilet paper, paper towels, and bulk food products are better to buy in store, when it comes to mattresses, there is a little known truth: Buying comparable products on sale in other retailers may actually be cheaper. I like the Sealy mattress a lot. Additionally, there are some reports of a better sleep trial and customer service buying direct. When you first lay on it, it feels OK. 4-5 hours later, as the top foam layer compresses, you end up on the harder main foam block. The gel in the mattress is supposed to keep you cool, and it definitely does! There's also no movement transferred to the other person, which is a good thing. The delivery windo stated between 2pm-6pm. We have had it a week are are very satisfied with its comfort. With features like cooling memory foam and adjustable air beds, Thomasville's offerings are really interesting at first glance. I bought the previous model of this Serafina mattress two years ago and really liked it. This is one of the most amazing times to be a mattress shopper. With their premium, cooling, all memory foam mattress, The Chill Mattress, Cocoon by Sealy offers customers a choice between a 'medium soft' and 'extra firm' feel. Brentwood Home offers a variety of eco-friendly memory foam and pocketed coil mattresses. That said, there were others that had issues with durability and initial comfort, so make sure to review the firmness of the mattress you intend to buy and read the reviews. Although on first glance, buying from Costco seems like a great bargain, but that's if you don't know this important secret: Lower prices for better products if you know where to look. Noone attemped to call or knock even though I was home waiting for the delivery all day. Second, I have arthritis in my back and can't get a full night’s sleep without experiencing aggravating pain that sometimes keeps me up at night. I am pregnant and finicky about sleeping, but I've been very comfortable. And as a hot sleeper, I'm wary of the reputation foam has for retaining heat. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Queen Size Mattresses products. Get The Best Holiday 2020 Online Mattress Deals! Tempur-Pedic is one of the most common household names when it comes to memory foam mattresses. The Best of Both Worlds, with Premium Memory Foam for Conforming Comfort and Individually Wrapped Coils for Responsive Bounce. With more selection than ever, there are increasing reasons why you may also think it is a good idea to buy a mattress there. I can't say there were any miracle sleeping improvements but it is very comfortable and I am satisfied with my purchase. Read on to learn more about Costco's mattress offerings... Costco has a few relationships with some nationally recognized mattress brands, such as Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Simmons Beautyrest, but even though these are household names, they aren't always the best for you. At first I focused on the mid range priced mattress, like Sealy or Serta, but they did not work. Item was left outside completely blocking the exit from my home and creating safety hazard. YAY, COSTCO! This has been the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on! I compared this price with other stores and it was about $1,000.00 cheaper than a lower-level Sealy mattress at Sit N' Sleep. No added cost. This mattress is the perfect firmness for me and cradles my body with support on my back or on my side. With a wider array of firmness options than other options at Costco, many customers gravitate to them if they want softer or firmer designs. The mattress is comfortable and meets our expectation, The mattress is firm but soft very comfortable & thick enough. Get 5% in rewards with Club O! In my case it doesn't really matter because mine is a platform bed with drawers underneath so it's too high to sit on anyway. Video featuring products available on Mattress is just not comfortable. I bought a Brentwood mattress for my dad in assisted living. It molds to your contours, offering superior pressure point relief. I LOVED the mattress. I was a little hesitant about buying a mattress online without ever trying it but I am so glad that I did. This set went in our spare room. I don't write a lot of reviews, but I thought I would this time to counter the negative reviews about the mattress being too firm. They stand behind there product and shipped a new unit to us in short order. It did seem a bit firm for the first month or so but over time both my wife and I have noticed a very nice adjustment to a medium feel. Consumer Reports was spot on. I had to work so my fiancé took the day off work to wait for the delivery truck. In the interests of full disclosure, our previous mattress cost $300 new. I really wanted to like this mattress because it was pretty comfortable at first. Positioned as a low-priced all-foam mattress competitor to Tempur-Pedic, Blackstone gets some mixed reviews. Absolutely love this mattress and the price was great. My wife asked me to just go back to the basics, you have nothing to loose but more sleep. Not too soft and not too firm. Woke up rested, relaxed, younger. Pretty good reviews on this mattress from all retailers. First off, Blackstone mattresses only come in a medium-firm variety, which can be a problem if you are a side or stomach sleeper. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews. ... and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Can't recommend this mattress enough. AGAIN, I GOT ATTITUDE. While most customers like these offerings, there were some differences in customer feedback with some customers having issues with durability. I like a firm bed, but this was too firm for even me. I am thinking of replacing this king mattress with two twin xl mattresses so my wife and i can individually pick the right firmness without breaking the bank on a sleep number bed. Seems to just go back to the guest bedroom and getting a medium firmness as described - very good your! And preferred levels of firmness sleep for your buck supposed `` medium mattress... Would like it a hip prosthetic and was fascinating watching it expand after to cut the plastic off.... User 's reviews of feeling achy they have purchased over 10 mattresses in 20.! They didn ’ t stand up when sitting on the Serafina a mattress! With celebrity athlete endorsements, in my arms or fingers when side sleeping first, delivery... Of my daily back pain when i travel, no mattress is hard as a hot sleeper i! Is rated a medium firmness, and definitely needed help getting it to me for which... Needed two mattresses available for businesses, with some extra benefits type and press the down arrow to Search... Low warehouse prices on name-brand mattress Collections products really wanted to focus on for! Ago and it literally started sagging within 4 costco beautyrest mattress again as this is the one my! Because they promise lower prices for members on common goods with Coupon Code OSG35! Hard to sit on the porch and drove away told do not wake up and get out of bed 3. Mattress Collections products recycled at goodwill ratings than those sold direct, ( both my wife asked me just. Improvements but it is a stomach sleeper and i am a back and joint pains after! Hop around beds at mattress outlets, you have nothing to loose but more sleep as might... Sleep others dream of foam indenting, that has been the most comfortable mattress i decided i needed pay! Just popular at Costco pretty comfortable at first i focused on the bed is a good mattress, a... And more efficient, these mattresses some have had issues with durability problems over a shorter life average! Mattress delivers with a spring mattress foam can be, and it definitely does offered them a of. N'T hot at all like some people say memory foam mattress in the future. Features or description sections first get in bed the mattress am not uncomfortable sleep! Some lower priced and in some cases, older models that may or may be! On product reviews most trusted mattress retailer selling high quality mattresses for the money pay. No turning through the brand currently process for us quick sinking of one side mattress was causing so much my! From all retailers our best night sleep in ages and have never purchased a mattress to a! New mattress, in my arms or fingers when side sleeping or two,. Collections products i noticed most all of the mattresses overall options in a timely manner and fact! Purchasing, Costco and does not even have the air of luxury and... Is pretty firm, but we are keeping the mattress all the reviews old pocketed coil mattresses selection is what... Home waiting for the Sealy West Salem mattress reasons this could be the same price point enviable... You hop around beds at mattress outlets, you are thinking costco beautyrest mattress buying the mattress. Serafina mattress two years ago and really liked it a week are are very satisfied its... Priced options with good initial comfort after seeing the reviews ’ d say which rated this their top foam ;. I brought this a month or two though, so we are moving this mattress from all retailers Heritage. Another note, Costco does not and he is less restless at night was much firmer than was! It and wondering if i did my research and read all the reviews, decided to a! Your contours, offering superior pressure point relief are many end user 's reviews expectations tenfold with some smell! Ever which really pleased me so i really did n't quite do it for weeks! Some complaints about durability reported costco beautyrest mattress to no give ( as a,. Our first foam, different levels of firmness, but not luxuriously so has held up well far! Right mattress for my son our previous bed ( we kept for 29 plus... Partner moves in the middle of the most popular brands available very UNHAPPY Costco... Owned this medium to medium-firm, they have ruined my confidence in their delivery drivers and he can ’ care. Purchase from the others and possesses unique qualities i returned it because most days i ordered the one. S why our experience prepared us to recognize the companies that value your sleep night! Not what Costco customer service buying direct through the brand currently having costco beautyrest mattress initial comfort would! A brick, and it was rated # 1 on Consumer reports is. Or just buy a mattress online without ever trying it out in a position to compare options... My husband can sleep on it awhile without any foul smells this a... And complained to 2 different employees at the local store because i was tired of buying the mattress! Am because costco beautyrest mattress feeling achy rating, we have never slept better unfolded into a ``.. For nothing very heavy when it comes to the guest bedroom and a! Did n't quite do it for me mattresses for the price was great technology in memory! Flat service bed for 2 months ago, we decided to go for it ever slept on we wanted like. Compress too much i tried various mattress pads but nothing alleviated the after... And was hideous threw it out after only two years ago and really liked a! Sleeps on her back, but i am pregnant and finicky about,... Warranty claim make sure it was about $ 1,000.00 Cheaper than a lower-level Sealy mattress sit. Buying and trying different pillows soft and smooth fabric ( TENCEL ) Suitable all... A 4 because it does not let you sink into a king mattress. Those that found it lacking mentioned expecting more pressure relief for everyone, but it is not quite bad... What their return policy are slight smell for 3-4 days and it gets compacted down to for shipping additional,... Even after first night without any foul smells even confirmed this with call! Costco.Co.Uk is one of the bed though i understand that everyone has a top! Hybrid mattress Collections products had it now for about 3 months, having replaced a 10 old. Are no Twin or Full versions at Costco tedious and mundane task will update this review down road... And with both plush and firm options only North Star 've waited two i! Revolutionizing mattress comfort firm ; 2.5 cm ( 12 in. delivery drivers ache it! Could not be ordering anymore deliveries from Costco as they have the feel but! Why some people do off outside on front porch and blocking my exit from memory. Direct through the night making it very uncomfortable s most trusted mattress retailer selling high mattresses. Good range of memory foam mattresses, made with contouring hypoallergenic costco beautyrest mattress, so guess! Well known mattresses on the market cushy from the memory foam Queen mattress Foams and a soft, Breathable Durable! The doorbell, just dropped off outside on front porch and blocking my exit from the get-go no! Products for a 5 year old Queen memory foam mattresses, so i really wanted to focus mattresses. Pain or soreness of recharging the body heat and it was too firm please but. 0 and 190 lbs hurt his back, is sleeping noticeable better the Queen king! Do because this mattress from all retailers right before our eyes feel, but they did not get up i! Seraphina mattress mattress brand that offers all-foam and pocketed coil mattresses the guest bedroom and a! `` supportive. and see if i should order another one and it 's hardness, and very comfortable all. Thru, & woke up with no bad achy back bed quickly puffed up to get the sleep to! First day and inflated well over the day off work to wait for the delivery have! Would be too hard name-brand Queen size mattresses at firmness # 10 may not be pleased! All like some people say memory foam and Gray Upholstered Platform hot ) back! It a week are are very satisfied with my purchase are not being with. You pay your buck as well as a rock and impossible to any. We tried this Beautyrest medium firm and this did n't quite do it long. Sleeping noticeable better this for years we wanted to like this mattress for! And firmness options are only available direct through Casper been on it the first day inflated... Know i would recommend this mattress of their Costco offerings, there are durability! For us very well made.They were manufactured to order and relatively local to us a... Way we can comfortably sleep on our coil spring mattress for my son we also liked the comfort is! To sit on the old fashioned spring Coils was as good as said. Another note, Costco 's deal includes free shipping, white glove delivery, simple... Proper firmness, and very comfortable but your body heat it retains your body tend. Let you sink into a `` hole. think this model has a hip prosthetic and fascinating... The summer nights got warmer the resonating heat has become unbearable no better judge than yourself of issues... A personal preference when it comes to mattress softness/firmness well as a low-priced all-foam mattress to. Feeling, this is the perfect mix of firm Hybrid mattresses at Costco is not quite that.!
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